What Are the Most Important Standing Desk Features?

What Are the Most Important Standing Desk Features?

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Today, height-adjustable desks keep getting more and more popular. The growing interest in a standing desk reflects numerous studies showing that constant work in a seated position is extremely harmful to human health. Today, working while standing seems to be a standard workplace practice in America and Europe. This is how designers, programmers, managers, and others who spend a lot of time at their desks work. The most important features of this type of furniture are the type of models, structural and functional characteristics, shape and materials, as well as the impact on human health. In this article, we are going to focus on the main properties of these indispensable items.

Construction and functionality features of the standing desks 

Tables with adjustable height are suitable for both sitting and standing positions. However, such models may differ depending on their purpose. The construction for working upright provides high supports, a narrow or wide tabletop, and base functionality. In case a person spends most of the time sitting, the standing desk plan will have slightly different dimensions and more varied functionality.

Moreover, models vary depending on how automatically they can be adjusted. The desk can be mechanical or with an electronic elevator. In the first case, the height of the structure is adjusted with a handle, while in the second, thanks to the electric drive.

The following options of a mechanical standing desk are available:

  1. Graduated type. This mechanism involves changing the height of the table by shifting the tabletop into the grooves, which are pre-set at different levels. It is also possible to place plugs in the holes on either side of the legs and thus change their length.
  2. Screw-type. This mechanism has a different principle, the height is changed by the circular legs.

When you want to choose the right model for your needs, you should also consider the availability of additional features. If there are none, and the design provides only a tabletop with supports and an adjustable mechanism, such a desk would cost much cheaper. When comfort is a priority, you should pay attention to advanced versions - with a remote control height and built-in outlets that will allow you to connect a computer or other office equipment, not pulling wires through the room. Desks with electric height adjustment have many settings that allow to memorize the most suitable positions for the user. This way, you don't have to adjust the desk every time you use it.

Main types of standing desk models

The specifics of table design may depend on the purpose of the table. There are several types of standing desk models:

Writing standing desk. These models often provide the possibility to change not only the height, but also the slope of the table top, which is very convenient for working with documents, but not suitable for computer installations. The design usually has a mechanical adjustment mechanism.

Computer standing desk. Its main feature is its size. The tabletop dimensions of a standing school desk often only allow for space for a laptop and a mouse. The work surface can be foldable and have movable elements: one half of the desk is designed for computer placement, the other half is for the comfort of the user's hand.

Office models. Such options are the most functional representatives of the line. They are equipped with all kinds of shelves, sockets, footstools and other additional elements that make the work of the employee as comfortable as possible. However, there are also budget options - laconic desks without any excesses. So if you need the best standing desk with storage, we recommend you consider this option.

Shape and materials 

When talking about standing desks, today there is the opportunity to fabricate them in any option of shape and material. The size and shape can be customized to suit your space. Most often standing desks are made of wood or wood substitutes. The following materials are the most popular in the manufacture of this furniture type:

  1. Chip board. The most budget-friendly material. The downside: it's a bit fragile, which reduces its service life.
  2. High density fibreboard. More reliable, expensive material compared to chip board. The advantages include high damage and moisture resistance. Still, it's not the best material to opt for when choosing a high quality desk.
  3. Solid wood. The most expensive, but also the strongest and most durable raw material for the production of height-adjustable desks. The most stable standing desks are made of natural wood. Our company focuses exactly on working with natural wood.
  4. Sometimes metal is also used to manufacture standing tables. It is a heavy and damage resistant material. However, this material is not to everyone's liking and will not suit all interiors. 

Positive health effects

Desks with height adjustability can help reduce back pain, stress levels and muscle fatigue. According to various studies, most people suffer from back pain. That's because they spend almost nine hours sitting in the same chair and working. Besides the common back and body pain, these height-adjustable desks can even help with cardiovascular problems. Prolonged sitting even causes excessive weight gain. The best way to avoid these risks is to use standing desks with adjustable heights so you can sit and stand alternately. This way, you will always look and feel good. The best way to help yourself or your employees from chronic pains and improve their health is to use standing desks with adjustable height. These desks allow users to adjust the height of the table according to their body position. You can alternately sit and stand without causing any interference with your work. Desks can also be supplied with different accessories that increase their functionality.

It's really difficult to work in a sitting position for hours and hours. Are you ready to replace your old-fashioned desks with these high-tech novelties? Standing desks are a great invention for modern era users.