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Elegant wood standing desk, ergonomic home office setup, featuring a live edge walnut desktop, modern black frame, and sleek accessories.
Wood Standing Desk with Drawers - Walnut Live Edge Wood Standing Desk
Sale priceFrom $521.99 Regular price$1,159.98
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Solid Walnut Standing Desk with adjustable height legs
Standing Desk - Walnut Solid Wood Adjustable Height Desk
Sale priceFrom $521.99 Regular price$1,159.98
Save 55%
Adjustable standing desk with dual motor legs, warm brown walnut wood, natural live edge, and eco-friendly finish.
Adjustable Standing Desk - Solid Wood Standing Desk, Live Edge Desk
Sale priceFrom $521.99 Regular price$1,159.98
Save 55%
L-Shaped Adjustable Standing Desk with Storage
L-Shaped Adjustable Standing Desk with Storage
Sale priceFrom $1,484.99 Regular price$3,299.98
Save 55%
Elegant walnut solid wood standing desk with storage, featuring a live edge design.
Standing Desk with Storage - Walnut Solid Wood Electric Standing Desk
Sale priceFrom $521.99 Regular price$1,159.98
Save 55%
Walnut standing desk with drawers.
Walnut Standing Desk with Drawers
Sale priceFrom $521.99 Regular price$1,159.98
Save 55%
Top view of solid wood walnut standing desk with integrated drawer, and home office setup
Ergonomic Walnut Standing Desk with Adjustable Height Frame
Sale priceFrom $521.99 Regular price$1,159.98

What our customers say

How is our Desk Made?

Home - photo №47
We select a high-quality tree
Home - photo №48
Drying wood
Home - photo №49
Cutting table desk
Home - photo №50
Polishing and Grinding of the table
Home - photo №51
Mechanism testing and quality control
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Completing the product

Standing Desks – a Universal Solution for Modern Interiors

Workplace design plays a big role in health and success. Particular attention must be paid to the selection of the desk. It must be of the right size and fit for its purpose. It is also important that it blends in with the room's overall design. The modern assortment is very diverse. To make the right choice you need to follow simple guidelines.

Current manufacturers use various materials for their manufacture. The most common:

  1. Natural wood - looks beautiful and has high strength indicators, subject to suitable care, but has a high cost;
  2. MDF - it can be given the desired appearance, durable and unpretentious in care;
  3. Chipboard - easy to process, so it can be used to make a product for any interior, durable.

Also, when buying a desk, you need to pay attention to the quality of the fittings and its installation. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting a loose table and drawers jammed when pulled out.

Modern Standing Desks

First of all, you need to decide on the purposes for which it will be needed. It is necessary to take into account the size of the room in which it will be located. Depending on these factors, you should choose a table model.

  1. Standard - is a desk with drawers and a rectangular top;
  2. Computer - a table of a rectangular configuration with a compartment for the system unit and a retractable compartment for the keyboard;
  3. Corner - very convenient to place in the corner of the room, there are drawers, a compartment with a door, there are options with a compartment for the system unit and a shelf for the monitor;
  4. With a variable height of the tabletop - such a desk for a student would be an ideal solution.
  5. With a folding tabletop - not designed for long-term work, it is convenient to install it in small spaces.

If your work is related to papers, then you will need a desk with shelves and large-capacity drawers for storing them. To accommodate a standard computer, it is better to choose the appropriate model with compartments for its components. If you have a laptop, you can just buy a traditional desk. This will help to avoid unnecessary injuries and will contribute to the formation of a healthy posture.

Benefits of Standing Desk

Modern desks made of solid wood are designed not only for work but also to emphasize the status of the owner. Such models become part of the interior of expensive offices and apartments.

They have a number of undeniable advantages:

  1. Long service life, with proper care over 50 years
  2. Restorations are served, this allows you to update the appearance after 10-15 years of operation
  3. Models decorated with hand carvings become more expensive over the years and can become antiques.
  4. Wood is a quality, natural and safe material with a unique aura
  5. In any design, they have a solid and cozy appearance.
  6. Each model with a unique wood pattern

Eco-friendly Wooden Desks

Luxury desks are also distinguished by their elegant design. Designed specifically for interiors in an aristocratic style, the furniture helps to create a sophisticated atmosphere that reflects the delicate taste of the owners of the house. The color of the table can be chosen in accordance with the color scheme prevailing in the house. This kind of furniture, as a rule, has classic shades: brown to match the wood, white, and terracotta. Sometimes products are artificially “aged” in order to give it a special charm and transfer the owners to the Baroque era.

The main material for the manufacture of such products is wood. Solid wood desks not only look great but are also durable. Strong natural materials are resistant to mechanical damage, and also do not deteriorate under the influence of moisture or excessive dryness of the air. They also do not emit unsafe substances into the air, such as phenol, formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene.

A wooden writing desk is very practical and also versatile. It can be used not only as office furniture, which has the purpose of a desktop. Thanks to its elegant design, this table can even be placed in the living room. By decorating it with decorative stationery and other accessories, it is easy to recreate the interior of the nineteenth century conceived by the designer.

Our Standing Desks for Home

Be sure to think about where you put it before you buy a desk. If it takes place in the middle of the room, then a traditional rectangular table will do. If you plan to place it in a corner, then it is better to choose a corner desk.

It is important to make sure that the legs under the table are comfortable and that the front panel does not interfere with them. The placement of drawers and cabinets should also be as comfortable as possible. This is especially important for lefties. There are models where the cabinet rolls out and can be installed as convenient.

It is also necessary to understand what additional equipment will be on the table. It can be a telephone with a fax machine, a printer, or a table lamp. In this case, you should opt for models with special additional compartments.