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High-quality walnut desk table top with rich wood grain pattern, perfect for standing desks and workspaces.
Walnut Desk Table Top - Standing Desk Top, Live Edge Table Top
Sale priceFrom $305.99 Regular price$679.98
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Elegant wood table top ideal for standing desk replacement.
Wood Table Top for Standing Desk - Walnut Live Edge
Sale priceFrom $341.99 Regular price$759.98

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How is our Desk Made?

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We select a high-quality tree
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Drying wood
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Cutting table desk
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Polishing and Grinding of the table
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Mechanism testing and quality control
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Completing the product

Natural Wood Computer Desk

Every person in our time uses a computer: for work, leisure or study, at home or in the office, so computer tables irreversibly win back the functions of writing. A comfortable wooden computer desk will ensure efficient work. Made from natural materials, the piece of furniture is perfect for use in the office and at home.

A special design distinguishes this table from writing desks and allows you to place additional equipment, hide certain areas and adjust the area of ​​the working surface depending on your needs. By choosing wooden computer desks, you get a universal solution at an affordable price.

Wood Computer Desk

No other furniture affects health as much as a computer desk. We spend many hours studying, working, and communicating online, and the spine is sensitive to the posture of the body during work. Do you think why, after sitting at the monitor for a long time, your back or neck hurts, your legs go numb and it stings in your eyes? Most likely, your workplace does not meet the necessary requirements. But a modern computer desk made of wood will fix that.

So, how can you keep healthy when designing tables? When creating such tables, the features of the body structure are taken into account in order to take care of your health as much as possible. Thus, all standards are taken into account in the manufacture. For example, the width of the tables we have made allows you to place a computer screen at least 50 centimeters from your eyes - this is the distance recommended by ophthalmologists. If the computer desk does not allow this, you risk getting a visual defect.

The height of the table is calculated based on the height of the person who will work behind it. After all, it is known that the height of the table should allow you to sit in a free and relaxed position, comfortably resting your elbows on the tabletop. In the assortment, there is exactly what you need for your individuality! Explore our modern wooden computer desk in the catalog.

In addition to meeting all health standards, our computer tables have certificates that prove the exceptional quality of all materials. In order to avoid unpleasant precedents, each product undergoes strict control of suppliers. This allows you to get high-quality products that meet all standards.

Explore the proposed range and choose the model to your liking. All the necessary information about the tables is on the product pages.

Benefits of Custom Computer Desk

You can buy a computer desk made of natural wood with a variety of modifications. Depending on the design features and shape, there are compact corner wood computer desks, a dresser table, a secretary, and a mobile table. But no matter which wooden table you choose, they all have the same features. Products such as a handmade computer desks have huge advantages, and here are the most basic of them:

  • compactness: this furniture significantly saves space, and also helps to keep the workspace clean, because it is difficult to keep unnecessary things in a limited area;
  • the functionality of these tables is undeniable because they combine the functions of at least two pieces of furniture;
  • versatility: a wooden computer table is used not only as a workplace. It fits perfectly into different interiors and rooms from the living room to the nursery;
  • rich assortment: modern models made of natural wood will decorate more classic interiors, as well as easily become part of a high-tech interior;
  • cost savings: despite the fact that a computer wooden table is an order of magnitude higher than similar models made of chipboard or MDF, it will last for decades;
  • ease of cleaning: in order to maintain the proper appearance of the product, it is enough to periodically wipe it from dust using a damp cloth;
  • reliability: tables are designed for daily use, so they are of high quality and durable.

And that's not all the benefits you get when using wooden computer tables. You will discover more options after you start using computer desks wooden.

Eco-friendly Wood Computer Desks

The use of wood of popular furniture species allows you to make wooden tables for every taste.

The classic base for the table is solid oak. Noble oak conveys its best qualities to furniture: exceptional strength and resistance to decay. The unique light brown texture darkens over time and becomes more expressive. But no matter what type of wood you use, the main thing is that it is an eco-friendly material.

For an ideal working environment, your workplace must be comfortable, high quality, and environmentally friendly. Because most of us spend a lot of time sitting at our desks. Not only in the office, we sit at the computer, but also at home. From this, a comfortable workplace is of great importance and affects the result of work, as well as posture and our health.

In order to choose the right and most convenient table for you from the many different tables in our store, it is especially important to take into account the moment how often you sit at it and what you do at your table. Do you work a lot at the computer, write or draw, or read books? You definitely need eco-friendly wood tables. This is the guarantee of your comfort and health.

Our Handmade Computer Desk for Home

It is better to buy a high-quality wooden computer table from an official representative, which is our online store. On the pages of our virtual catalog, you will find the best offers that differ in price and a huge variety of models. By buying in our store, you are guaranteed to get the best service, loyal attitude, and a wide range of wooden tables for every taste.