What's the best standing desk for you?

What's the best standing desk for you?

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Most of us are choosing to invest in our physical and mental well-being by purchasing new ergonomic equipment for our workspace, such as desks for sitting and standing work. With so many options available, trying to figure out which desk to buy and how to configure it can seem like an impossible task. This standing desk buying guide breaks down pre-purchase thoughts into easy, practical steps to help you choose the right sit-stand desk for you and help you work more comfortably and actively.

What are standing desks and why do we need them?

A standing desk means a desk that is adjustable in height: a traditional item that can be raised or lowered according to the specific needs of the person using it, allowing people to work with their computers or read documents while standing. A cool standing desk idea is also to place a small treadmill underneath these desks, so as to take advantage of the elevated position and the space underneath so that you can do some light movement, such as a slow walk. At the same time, you dedicate yourself to more automatic tasks at the computer: watching a movie or TV series, attending a meeting, or viewing documents.

Height regulation can be done manually, through a special crank, or, as is now more common, electronically, thanks to one or more motors. The benefit of stylish standing desks resides in the fact that, by making it possible to choose and change their height, the damage caused by sedentary style of life is greatly reduced. In fact, a standing work desk allows for correcting neck and shoulder posture, reducing neck pain, as well as improving the release of tension and heaviness that accumulates in the upper body over other lower muscles, improving blood circulation and movement, which in turn stimulates creativity and productivity.

Pros of opting for standing desks

The benefits of a cool standing desk certainly lie in the reduction of the risk of developing chronic diseases, as well as muscle and bone pain and diseases arising from poor blood circulation. Benefits, as we have seen, also include improved mental health and personal inventiveness. Keeping in mind that most standing desks are used for work purposes, improving the productivity of an individual employee and consecutively of the whole company is certainly a great benefit. 

We should also mention improved blood circulation, which, by oxygenating the brain more, will enhance your performance. Working in unconventional ways also finally improves various psychological aspects such as mood, which is good for both the worker and the entire work environment. It is no coincidence that more and more companies purchase these desks for their employees. 

In standing desk reviews, many people also report a positive effect on the dynamism of meetings at work. The highly operational nature of sit-stand desks is a boost for teamwork, particularly for meetings. Standing meetings organized around a sit-stand desk are faster and more direct, undergoing fewer interruptions precisely because of their dynamic nature. It was estimated that, on average, standing meetings last no longer than 15 minutes! This is why many companies choose the best adjustable desk to create discussion spaces that are suitable for short meetings, such as daily briefings, but can also host classic seated meetings.

Cons of this type of desk

Although the mind and body benefit, it is good to beware of the contraindications of this product. In fact, spending too much time standing constitutes the opposite excess and fatigues muscles and bones, increasing physical and psychological tension. In fact, over time, even standing we tend to develop incorrect postures that overload the back and legs. In addition, if you wear stylish work clothes which involve uncomfortable shoes such as heels, it is certainly not the best option to spend too much time standing. Finally, if you spend too much time standing, energy consumption and fatigue increase, reducing the hours of the workday during which we are most awake and active. This is counter-productive to the benefits on increased performance mentioned earlier. Therefore it is crucial to adjust your stylish standing desk during the day and to master balancing between sitting and standing.

The key technical factors in choosing a standing desk

How to choose the right table with adjustable height? That's why we've made our standing desk buying guide. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Width spacing. The size of the desk is crucial. Desk width is the distance from the back of the table to the front. Usually the minimum width of the product depends on the width of the table legs. The width should be chosen according to your own needs, depending on what will be placed on the table top: just a monitor and a keyboard, or something else.
  • Maximum load. The higher the maximum load of the product, the more stable it will be. This is especially noticeable in the standing position for work.
  • Length interval. The length of the best standing desks is the distance from the right to the left edge of the product when sitting at the table. The minimum length often depends on the least allowable distance between the table supports. The length should be chosen according to your needs, depending on what items are planned to be placed on the table top on the sides of yourself, for example: hanging cabinets on the right and left of the central part.
  • Hi-tech features. The height memory option is one of the most important features of a motorized desk. Thanks to it you only need to set the height of the table once for sitting and standing work to ensure the greatest comfort when working at the product.
  • Height adjustment. Electric height regulation is available only for cool standing desks with an electric motor, which requires a connection to the power supply, and is carried out by means of a special control panel. Products with mechanical adjustment have different mechanisms. They are not so expensive, but they are less convenient for frequent changes of the table height. If you have a hard time measuring, you can always ask someone or use a converter to help you make the right measurements.

Buying guide and personal features to evaluate

When purchasing this product, it is important to consider several personal factors, which depend only on your preferences. These include:

  1. Ease of use. Iit is essential that the regulating mechanism is intuitive and easy to use. Especially when you need to operate it several times during the day, so as to frequently change position and don’t overwork different parts of your body.
  2. The different levels of heights. It is crucial that the standing desk is suitable for different stature so that it can be adapted on more than one person, each time finding the best standing position.
  3. The quality of materials. The construction materials used in the standing desk manufacturing must be strong and durable, so that the product will last over time. Today, the most valuable and high-quality material is natural wood. Standing tables nowadays are even available in hardwood or bamboo. Choose the material according to personal preference and you will never regret your choice. A table made of natural wood will serve you for many years.
  4. Design. It is definitely a nice aesthetic incentive to use this product. Moreover, beautiful design makes the desk a piece of furniture that can adorn the home or office in which it is located. Our desks have been developed together with top-class designers who have combined practicality, quality, and the latest trends into a single item.
  5. Stability. Like a traditional desk, the stylish standing desk supports personal items, pen holders, heavy documents, and a computer, so it is important that the mechanism that ensures its adjustment does not undermine its stability and security.
  6. Color. Today you can choose desks of various shades and colors. If you choose a desk made of natural wood, all of its shades will match well with any interior.
  7. Environmental sustainability: a parameter that has become almost impossible to disregard and should be considered when purchasing any product. If you choose a table made of natural wood, like oak, which are available in our shop, you can be sure of its environmental friendliness and compliance with all the relevant regulations.
  8. Price. Of course, price is one of the main features to be considered in order for the product to meet good value for money. Surely, natural wood desks are the most expensive, but keep in mind that such a product will last you a very long time, and its quality is incomparable with any other material. If you are not sure, read the standing desk reviews. This is when the product is really worth the money.

Start your research by targeting equipment that fits your body shape and create a customized workplace. If it is a sit-stand desk, consider the range between sitting and standing, which will allow you to adjust the height to assume a neutral posture in either position. Select accessories that can help keep you working comfortably and efficiently. Monitor arms, desktop, and retractable keyboard stands can help make your workspace perfect.

If you buy a desk with regulated height, following the above recommendations, you will surely get the best adjustable desk in the market. We offer a wide range of natural wood desks that will please your budget. Invest in your health with the purchase of modern desks that stand for the future!