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How is our Desk Made?

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We select a high-quality tree
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Drying wood
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Cutting table desk
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Polishing and Grinding of the table
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Mechanism testing and quality control
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Completing the product
Our Walnut Dining Table is one of the most beautiful and popular live edge tables on the market. Smoothed, curvy wooden edges make this walnut table one of a kind. The structure of the solid wood table is handcrafted to ensure strength and durability. We only use solid wood on our kitchen table, so there aren't compromises made in material quality. Due to this beautiful and unique design, this dining table is a perfect combination of modern table and rustic table style that makes for a stunning addition to any home interior. We offer our wood kitchen table in several dimensions to exactly fit your dining and kitchen area. You can choose an option between one or two dining table benches that will perfectly match a walnut table top.