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Benefits of custom dining tables

Today we are going to explain to you why buying custom dining tables on our site is the best deal you could have ever had. Let’s figure out how your kitchen or dining room will become better places with products available in our shop. Here we have the most significant reasons:

  • Custom dining room tables may satisfy all your needs. This benefit refers to the concept of any custom furniture – it’s designed according to the client’s specific requirements. Consider that when choosing this type of table, you may take into account all the features of your room that may impact the comfort of your family members and guests. You shouldn’t spoil the cozy atmosphere and custom dining tables are the only items to cope with this task.
  • You will have a unique item. Modern tables for dining are mass products and they are usually the same. It’s almost impossible to find a unique item at a reasonable price. If you don’t want to have the same set of tables and seats as your neighbor has, just order a custom table.
  • The quality is worth the value. In point of fact, you will not find an extremely cheap custom furniture item. However, the thing is that any item designed for your needs will correspond to the highest quality requirements. Maybe, you will pay more than you would do for an ordinary table but the money won’t be wasted because the high-quality materials will be used.   

How to choose the right size dining table

The size of the table depends on your needs and on the size of a dining room. It’s also impacted by the number of your family members. If your family is small, there is no necessity to purchase a large table that will take almost the whole space of the kitchen. Don’t get in a fluster here – even if your family is not big but you need to have a big table to receive visitors, you shouldn’t buy an item that will cause inconveniences in everyday life. Take a look at such options as extension tables that will not take too much space but will give you the possibility to place the dining table set for a large number of guests.  

When choosing a table you need to pay attention not only to sizes but to shapes as well. For instance, to place 4 people, you need a 4-feet rectangular table or a round table with a diameter of 48 inches. You should also realize that round and square tables require from 96 to 120 inches in diameter to place 8-10 people, which are not typical sizes for these shapes. However, here comes one more benefit of custom dining tables – the item might be designed in an unusual size and shape.

Light dining tables or dark

It’s up to your preferences what table to choose. Actually, there is no significant difference between light and dark wood tables, just remember to match the table to the interior design. For instance, light oak dining tables will suit the modern style with colorful seats. Remember that any oak dining table is solid so it can be used for a long period. A dark table top is an item to fit more classic settings.

Why choose Modern Wood Style?

Except for excellent customization services, we will provide a 3-year manufacturer warranty and free shipping to your state. Don’t waste your time and make the first order!