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Custom table wood tops

Imagine, you’ve bought a desk frame for a home office or kitchen table. Your new task is choosing a good table top fitting it, making work conditions convenient and safe for your health.
Table tops for desks are quite important pieces of furniture since they must perform required functions and suit room’s interior design features. This short guide provided by ModernWoodStyle experts aims to give online customers a number of valuable pieces of advice on choosing table tops for standing desks. Let’s start exploring!

Table top for desk: considerable aspects

Fit the standup frame
When a frame is chosen, find a good wood table top fitting it well. Somebody might be confused about common decisions but there’s nothing complicated in it. First, choose an item matching your frame. A table top must perform similar to your frame’s stylistic. Second, check the frame’s sizes. They must be provided by the manufacturer. Except for that, remember to review table top sizes and explore whether it suits your frame. Try reading manuals on this topic.
Fit the accessories
Buying a table top for your desk to perform paperwork? Then, you need a mounting platform that keeps the computer monitor at a convenient height. Make sure – table top’s thickness needs to fit the mount’s characteristics. This is relevant for other accessories as well.
Fit the space
Before ordering table tops, customers need to measure not only table frame sizes but rooms where desks are going to be placed as well. In addition to spaces, make sure, this furniture item will suit the performed stylistic of the room and fit colors painted on its walls as this impacts work conditions. Convenience becomes your key priority.

Modern desk tops

High tops for tables became quite popular. Let’s consider items’ major advantages and disadvantages.
Desk top advantages

  1. Saves space. Small desk tops are used in small kitchens featuring tiny spaces to place chairs. Using a high table top, owners won’t need to choose seats to use surfaces. 
  2. Better entertainment. Enjoy time with your guests and use table tops not only to eat tasty meals but to play funny games. 

Key disadvantage

  1. Mightn’t fit different styles. Modern furniture pieces don’t always fit the casual kitchen style. Everything depends on specific tastes.

Hardwood vs light wood: best material

Customers may doubt when making decisions on table top wood. Specialists recommend choosing a solid wood table top for your kitchen needs. Natural hardwood materials, including oak and black walnut, feature a number of considerable advantages:

  1. Durability – a kitchen table top must be long-living; 
  2. Formal brown appearance suits kitchen style; 
  3. Appealing textures.

Natural Light Wood desk Top by ModernWoodStyle

Want to enhance a luxurious interior design full of white colors boosted with creamy hues? We suggest taking a look at ModernWoodStyle assortment of natural light wood desk tops, including table tops of reclaimed wood with live edge. Choose offered customized services to get everything necessary at reasonable prices. Plus, get a 6 month manufacturer warranty on products, including ones made of light materials that aren’t thought to perform good durability. Our products are all durable and quality!