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MWS Ava | Computer Desk Top
MWS Ava | Computer Desk Top
Sale priceFrom $396.00 Regular price$495.00
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MWS Eva | Solid Wood Desk Top
MWS Eva | Solid Wood Desk Top
Sale priceFrom $412.00 Regular price$515.00
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Walnut Dining Table Top | Live Edge Table
Walnut Dining Table Top | Live Edge Table
Sale priceFrom $749.99 Regular price$1,499.99
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Walnut Desk Top | Live Edge Desk Top
Walnut Desk Top | Live Edge Desk Top
Sale priceFrom $764.99 Regular price$1,529.99
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How is our Desk Made?

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We select a high-quality tree
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Drying wood
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Cutting table desk
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Polishing and Grinding of the table
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Mechanism testing and quality control
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Completing the product

Desk Top - a Necessary Piece of Furniture

A table is not only a functional surface for working or storing items, but also a catchy interior element that can change the look of a room, so it is important to choose the right design, size, and materials. If the standard catalogs of furniture stores cannot meet your requirements, then we are ready to offer something more - a custom-made wooden table for your project.

We make various pieces of furniture according to our own design. We also offer a wide range of products for the arrangement of workplaces. In our online store, you can purchase a ready-made wooden office table or order any amount of this furniture according to an individual sketch. Our experts will calculate the cost of the desired product. The price of all goods is presented in a wide range, depending only on the selected material, the required dimensions, and the accessories used. Think about what kind of wood desk top you want and send us your options.

Desk Top - a Functional Piece of Furniture

There is no doubt that one of the most essential pieces of furniture is the table. It is impossible to imagine an apartment or company office without this item. A desktop made of any wood combines strength and unique texture. In our online store, you can purchase a table for its intended purpose, the assortment includes a huge selection of models.

Work tables made of solid wood are made in any style in our own production. For the manufacture of furniture, we use eco-friendly solid oak, ash, and other types of wood. In addition to the design, reliable metal and high-quality fittings are used. The surface of the wood is covered with a protective layer to ensure the reliable protection of products from scratches and stains.

A table made of natural wood is distinguished by its durability, strength, and aesthetic appearance, especially if it is made of solid wood. Our craftsmen can make a wooden desk top from walnut, oak or ash:

  • Any shape - round, rectangular, polygonal;
  • Processed using different technologies - with the preservation of natural shapes and patterns or with geometric contours;
  • With fittings that will perfectly fit into your interior.

In handcrafted wood tables, we take into account the smallest details, including the shape of the wood, its tone, and natural patterns, to create the perfect furniture for your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and office. You can even choose a specific saw cut, with which the masters will work in the future.

How Durable is a Solid Desk Top?

A good desk top should last at least 5-7 years without losing its presentable appearance. Traditional materials used for the manufacture of countertops, to one degree or another, meet the above requirements. Desk tops treated with a special protective layer can be washed with abrasive detergents or hard sponges. In addition, such tables lend themselves well to restoration. You can order a compact desk top made of high-quality materials that do not lose their properties over the years.

Where To Buy Desk Top

A good alternative for a modern room design would be handmade wood tables using an epoxy table. This material opens up a new vision of the imperfections of a wooden surface, turning imperfections into aesthetic features while maintaining functionality. But you can stop at standard models that are made according to classical technology while having the following features:

  1. Emphasize the natural features of wood;
  2. Create the effect of a "river" on the working surface;
  3. Level the surface without grinding;
  4. They have a unique combination of colors and shapes;
  5. Several natural wood massifs are organically combined.

Thanks to the proven technique of making with materials, our craftsmen will create any design, so you can order a table made of wood of any style and purpose. To get a wooden table to order, please contact us at the contact phone number. The preliminary price of the order is calculated immediately after the request - we will immediately inform you. If necessary, you can order not only a table made of wood but also other wood products. buy wood desk top only of high quality, using eco-friendly materials that will emphasize the features of your design.