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How Adjustable Desks Can Improve Your Health and Productivity

It’s becoming more and more clear that sitting at a desk all day can be harmful to your health. Sitting too much can lead to health consequences including poor circulation, arthritis, and diabetes. It can also lead to sluggishness and potentially weight gain.

Adjustable desks for standing and sitting offer one of the quickest ways to make a change in your habits that can improve your health on a long-term basis. Since standing at least part of the day helps you to be less sedentary, it can also improve your daily productivity.

What is an Adjustable Desk?

Also known as adjustable height wood desks or sit/stand desks, adjustable desks provide a way for you to adjust the height of your desk so that you can access your work from different positions. Adjusting the height allows you to work standing up or to alternate working from a standing position and sitting position every hour or so.  Some adjustable desks allow tilting the surface of the desk, which can help to stabilize your neck and back so that you aren’t leaning forward or hunched over paperwork for hours on end.

From an ergonomic perspective, an adjustable desk is a very healthy choice. It can reduce back and neck pain, especially for those who focus on desk work or computer work for several hours a day. Frequent movement throughout the day can help improve your alertness and make it less likely you’ll have an afternoon crash.

Options in Adjustable Desks

Adjustable desks can be either manual or automatic such as an automatic adjustable wood desk. Both types allow you to adjust your desk to different heights that are comfortable for you. An electric height adjustable desk, also known as a sit-to-stand desk, allows you to alternate between standing and sitting at the push of a button.

These desks come in different styles and shapes. Some of your options include:

  • A variety of desktop choices with typically 2-3 size options per style
  • Different types of wood and finishes, such as a solid wood rustic desk
  • Two leg, four leg, or corner models

MWS adjustable desks are handcrafted and will not only fit your available space, they will add charm to your home or office. These well-built wooden desks can keep your electronic equipment fully supported while helping to improve your productivity and health.

Choosing Your Adjustable Desk

Standing desks are both functional and affordable. Don’t let the work you need to do keep you stuck in one position all day every day. Talk to the experts at Modern Wood Style to find out the many options that are available in handcrafted wood desks. We use the highest quality materials, and our expert staff can help you determine the perfect desk for your home or office.